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What has inspired us for more than 25 years is the love of style and beauty. This love motivates us to strive for an ever higher level of perfection..


Since 1995, Style Furniture is famous with the fine hand engraved antique production, classic furniture production as well as furnishing up to date modern and classic homes and hotels. With a factory site of 6500 msq equipped with the latest machinery, we ensure the highest quality standards.


Hand Making

There is no limits, thanks to this, to the creative possibilities . Human touch is definitely our main resource, something we have never stopped investing into.


Every decoration is made by hand on massive wood. Colors and finishings grant high quality and durability. Decorations are in original precious leaves to set an intrinsic value to the product..

Raw Materials

STYLE FURNITURE selects only high quality row materials, without using semi finished elements. This choice permits a very high flexibility and a precise control in every working phase. The highest level of perfection is also guaranteed by the quality of the materials used. Woods and fabrics must satisfy the most stringent demand.